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I am a Sikh graduate student in The Department of Physics and Astronomy at York University in Toronto, Ontario. I study Cosmology and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics. My supervisor Prof. Michael C. Haslam. I completed my Bachelor of Science (with Honours) in The Physics Specialist program and a Mathematics minor from The University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario. Here, I also completed an undergraduate thesis titled "Nonspatial Chaos in The FLRW k = - 1 Dust Universe" supervised by: Prof. Charles C. Dyer, earning a mark of "A+". I recently completed my M.Sc. in Theoretical Physics from York University. My thesis was titled "A Bianchi Type IV Viscous Fluid Model of The Early Universe". My thesis was nominated for the "Best Thesis" prize. I am now working on my PhD in Theoretical Physics in the area of Astrophysical/Cosmological Fluid Dynamics. Other areas of interest are the connections between science and religion, basketball, music, and everything and anything Apple.

A Reply to Bayani Mills

This post entry is a response to Bayani Mills’ article titled “Divine Insight: NASA and The Guru Granth Sahib”. There are several problems with his claims, which I refute below. (Italicized text indicates Mills’ original comments:) 1. Guru Granth Sahib states: … Continue reading

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